Moving WordPress to my root directory

I’ve now moved my WordPress site to the root of my web site, and I’m pleased to say that the task was much simpler than I expected.

The WordPress installation remains in the same place. All I had to do was log in to WordPress, change the URL for the site address, and then copy and amend a couple of files on my web server. I didn’t need to update my permalinks structure, even though the instructions at suggested that I would need to.

I did do one extra thing though, as I don’t want to confuse Google into thinking that I am trying to confuse it’s search ranking algorithms.  The old blog links still work and so I therefore appear to have two identical WordPress sites.  Google can penalise you for this in their search rankings.  I removed the old blog subdomain name using my web hosting account.

Postscript: removing the subdomain name did cause a rather nasty complication.  Once the DNS entries propogated, WordPress stopped working.  I had used the subdomain in the WordPress URL and the solution was to update the WordPress URL to use a subdirectory of the main site.

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