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For some time I have been dreading the task of making my website compliant with the new EU legislation on cookies, but as the end of the 12 month period compliance period approaches, I have finally taken a look at what I needed to do.

I do believe that the legislation is badly thought out, is almost un-enforcable and would fail to achieve its intention even if it was enforceable, but I want to comply rather than risk owning the random web site that is used as a test case.

I used cookies to allow visitors to indicate which version of my site they wanted (US or UK; mobile or desktop) and then to automatically return to that version on their next visit. This is not a privacy issue as I don’t record the information anywhere, but it is no longer legal unless I ask the user for permission to store the cookie. To request a users permission without making the site look silly and without annoying the user was going to take more time than I have to spare for this task, so the simple solution was to stop using these cookies.

But I have also used Google adwords extensively on the site. And adwords uses cookies. I don’t even have a mechanism whereby I can stop those cookies being saved or accessed. So I need to remove adwords.

My earning from adwords have been miniscule, so this is not a financial issue, but simply removing adwords would leave a lot of blank bits in my web site.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, so I’ve decided what to do. This WordPress blog only uses cookies that are permitted, though if I had allowed comments on my posts, that would be a different matter. I am going to drop my original site and promote my blog to take its’ place. I will then republish the information that was on my original site as a series of blog posts over a period of time.

I thought my original site was clever, and it was my baby so I am attached to it; but it was rather overcomplicated for the purpose and for the number of visitors it received. Maybe the ICO has done me a favour.

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