Numbered lists in Microsoft Word

For some time I’ve been thinking that I must make better use of styles when creating documents in Microsoft Word.  They are there to help provide consistent formatting in the document you are working on, and if you get them right it is then easy to apply consistent formatting across all the documents that you create.

However, I’ve always found them a bit difficult to understand, and have therefore never really got the correct styles set up to allow me to gain the benefit of them.

Recently, I have been working on a document which consists mainly of multilevel numbered lists.  The effort of trying to get them right without styles was proving too much.  I concluded that the effort to work out the styles and how to apply them correctly was going to be quicker than persevering the old way.

Multilevel numbered lists are even harder to work out than regular styles.  It wasn’t that I didn’t know what I wanted, it was working out where to find the correct option to set the value that was needed.  This involved many searches on Google, where I found most of what I needed, but the biggest problem was working out how to fix the indentation.  In trying to solve this one, I found a great page on multilevel numbered lists that not only explained how to fix my indents, but also explained a few others things that I had either done badly or where I had not yet needed to know the answer.

So, if you are trying to solve style problems with multilevel numbered lists, take a look at Word 2007: Taming multilevel list numbering.

If you want to learn about styles in general though, this would also be a good place to start.  If you can master styles in multilevel numbered lists, you can probably cope with any style related issue in Microsoft Word.

Having got to the point that I now understand styles and how they work, I will be making much greater use of them.  It was worth the effort to do so.

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