Introduction to LinkedIn

I’m updating the posts about LinkedIn that I made on my website a few years ago and will be publishing them over the next few months.  This is the first installment.

LinkedIn differs from most other networking sites in that it is focused on business and professional connections rather than social ones.  If used properly, it can be a very effective business tool.  LinkedIn continues to grow and now has over 275 million members.

LinkedIn is a great way of keeping in touch with business contacts. but getting started can be a little scary.  You don’t want to get it wrong and end up with your account blocked, or annoy your existing (real world) network so that your best contacts refuse to connect with you.  Nor do you want to end up entered into a commitment where you spend hours of your precious time fixing things that you did wrong before you knew what you were really doing.

I have written this guide based on my research and my own personal experience of how to get the best out of LinkedIn.  You shouldn’t follow my advice prescriptively as you might find that doing some things differently works better for you, but you should find this a good place to start.


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