A Covid-19 prayer for our society

Lord, we pray,

… for wisdom for governments, officials, and business leaders who have to make far reaching decisions with limited information and so many uncertainties,

that they will make decisions that are fair, bearable to those affected, and which save lives and jobs.

… for insight, courage and inspiration for church leaders and missionaries,

that they will honour you as they find ways to grow, encourage and support the church and to reach out to the community around us.

… for health workers and other carers and key workers who face increased pressures and responsibilities,

that they will feel valued and will have the strength to endure.

… for children and young people who have had their education interrupted, who are missing their friends and their usual activities,

that they and their parents will find new, constructive and enjoyable ways to learn valuable life lessons, to keep in contact, and to keep active.

… for those waiting to get married, unable to be together and struggling to make and fulfil their plans,

that this time will develop trust, patience and character, and that when their day does come, it will be even better than they ever hoped for.

… for new parents bringing children into an uncertain world,

that they will get the help, advice and support that they need, and that this will be a time of hope and excitement for them as a family.

… for those whose income has dried up,

that they find ways to make ends meet and will get the support and help that they need.

… for those whose finances are secure,

that they will have compassion and help others in need and that they will use their time and money wisely.

… for those who are isolated and lonely,

that you will draw them to yourself, that they will know your presence and peace, and that they will find appropriate ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

… for the vulnerable and those who are taken advantage of,

that they will find the way to safety and the strength to make that journey.

… for our society,

that we will emerge stronger, more caring and more supportive of each other, and with a more sustainable economy that better cares for the world we live in.

… that evil will be dealt blow after blow,

that corruption and inefficiencies will be exposed under the strain of the current times,
that selfish attitudes and behaviours will become less acceptable, and that the wrongdoers will turn away from their past.

… that we will give glory and honour to the one and only true God,

the one who loves us despite all our weaknesses and imperfections,
the one who gave his life for us that we can be free from sin,
the one who is there to comfort us, guide us, and support us, at all times and in all circumstances.


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