St Patrick’s Day

My daughter brought this home from playschool last year:

Once upon a time, a brave little man journeyed out into the forest to find his pot of gold.  He looked way up high and underground.  Every time he opened his searching eyes, the little man discovered something new.  His travels made him rich in experience, laughter and love.  He grew younger and younger at heart until he was the colour of spring.

Then one day it hit him: The pot of gold wasn’t a thing at all, but a way of seeing and being.

The little man knew, however, that nobody would understand this unless they experienced it for themselves.  So he hid the wisdom under a rock, under a fern, in a forest, perhaps not far from where you live.  And that is the real story behind the Leprechaun’s pot of Gold.

Happy St Patrick’s Day and every golden day in between.