No internet on Windows 10 when WiFi connected

I’ve been struggling with my WiFi connection on Windows 10 for a while.  It would connect but not get access to the internet, or perhaps connect and work perfectly for a while – anything from a few minutes to a day or so – and then lose connection to the internet even though it was still connected to the WiFi point.  Restarting my laptop didn’t usually fix it, but restarting the access point usually did, so I assumed the issue was with the WiFi point.  However, I recently upgraded our WiFi point and the issues still occurred.

Searching on the web produced plenty of ideas to try, but none of them worked.  My laptop came with Windows 10 pre-installed and most of the advice related to machines that had been upgraded to Windows 10.

I eventually found an anonymous comment on a post on relating to Windows Vista which suggested turning off IPv6 which indicated “I fix many computers each day, it’s my job…  so If this doesn’t fix your prob then I’d really like to know cos it hasn’t failed me yet “.  I gave it a go, and my internet connection was restored.  A week later, I still haven’t seen any recurrence of the problem, so I am confident that the problem is fixed.

Clearly, this fix won’t work if you need IPv6, but I’m still using IPv4, as are the majority of users, especially in home networks.

Hopefully this will help someone else!

WiFi adaptor settings
WiFi adapter settings on Windows 10